Educational Technology Trends in 2017

In this modern technological era, everything changed. In every field, we can feel some sort of changes and new innovations which helped new generation drastically. Everyone depends upon new technology, in every field. In the business field, we can see the new adaption of new trends and new innovations which increased the quality and quantity of particular product. In marketing field, new technology helped to be up to date and get even a small new related any kind of product and new customer trends it’s only because of new technology and new adaptation.

Like that in education technology brought a huge change. It has influenced educational field deeply and its influence has brought positive impact on parents and students mindset. Influence and use of technology and new trends in education gave us the quality education with the low cost. It helped education to spread the importance and meaning to every individual. As we know it’s not an easy task to adopt new trends by eliminating our old cultural education system.

It was and it is really hard still we have to move according to new trends and new thought which will create a modern world and new mindset. New generations are deeply depending on technology for academic use and it made their learning process easier and flexible. In 2017 we have witnessed so many new trends and innovation placed in the educational field. And every one wholeheartedly adapted it and accepted it. We got very positive and quality results in the year-end.

Traditional textbooks are replaced by digital devices which made academic learning more interesting and motivating. It made deeper influence than traditional textbooks. Visual images made students learning comprehensible and made them concentrate on studies and other curricular events. It made a relationship between concept and information. In traditional learning process students have to read it and teacher will make it easier for students its reading alone process. But new modern trends made a drastic change in this learning process.

When learn you get the information along that you get visual elements through which you can experience it and understand it without any kind of confusion and illusion. Visual Media are used in the classroom to encourage the interest of students in learning process.

One can learn and teach from anywhere. Smart devices such as phones and personal computer they provide learning tools and learning information which students can use it anytime and from anywhere. Students use smart device constantly in their learning process. Not only students but also teachers use a smart device to make their teaching more interesting and provide quality education and experience.

It doesn’t mean that teachers have no role in the teaching process. Teacher role can’t be replaced by any modern device. Teacher’s role is modified as an instructor. The new education system has included technology in teaching curriculum. It’s not a part of the curriculum; its like planes are made based on technology. Technology is an integral part of the teaching curriculum. Every year new trends and planes are adapted and executed.

The new and modern education trends have brought a drastic change in student’s mentality and learning process. It resulted in creating a personalized education system for students. Privacy is very important in the learning process to achieve set up a goal. It helped to achieve the needs of each student individually.

It has increased the confidence and knowledge of students drastically. When they learn individually it helped them to learn according to their time and IQ level. When you are in a group or in class you may not be able to follow the speed and pace of teaching but when you learn individually you can move according to your speed and informative level. Learner becomes more engaged without going out of track.

2017 has been an era of technological adaptation in the educational system. Now the new trend is video-based learning. The use of video in learning process made the learning experience more clearly. We see videos in our life everywhere which is filled with new trends and new information. Students are deeply influenced by it. Therefore, including videos in learning process has made students more active and gave comfort to the students.

So in classroom environment usage of videos has increased which made learning process and also teaching process easy and attractive.2017 brought this idea and it succeeded. Students are deeply influenced by it because of the experience and quality education it provides. Video has made students learning more customized.

Digital and this modern technological era have its own negativity but at the same time, it has its own positivity in every field. And we know educational field has drastically influenced by the digital world. It helped to give a quality education to the students. It helped students to connect their personal world with the educational world. Teachers use a digital device in a classroom environment which helped them to teach complicated topics in an easy manner. It helped to present a complicated subject in an easy way. It increased student’s confidence level and comfort level.

When we follow the traditional method in the learning process, it never gave much importance to interaction and action method. New generation students where very uncomfortable and face some difficulties to follow outdated method but an adaptation of new technology brought fresh change in their mindset.

In every sense 2017 has brought new education trends which had great influence on students learning the process. Use of new trends and a new technological device made the learning process more flexible and comfortable. It helped students to focus on jobs and placement. The vision of education changed and encouraged students to think about future and their career.

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