Digital book as the best gift

The invention of printing changed the world once and for all. Manuscripts receded into the past, and it became possible to publish numerous editions of books. For several centuries humanity has benefited from the invention, but it’s time to change this world. People stepped into the 21st century with an electronic book. Not surprising that reading devices today are popular with different people.

We can meet a respectable man with an e-book in the hands and frivolous young lady, a pupil and a student. It seems that we are already accustomed to digital reading, and we do not remember not knowing about e-books several years ago.

Let’s recall how it all began. The first device, designed exclusively for reading electronic documents, appeared in 1996. Then the first tablet with a monochrome touch screen and the possibility of pen input information was presented. This tablet set the direction for a future book based on the monochrome LCD screen.

The next important event in the history of the electronic book occured 2007. It was then when the first devices with electronic ink appeared. They drew pages slowly, and there was no backlight. Reading on them was as pleasant as if it was on paper. And in one thin electronic book were easily placed the complete masterpieces of Dickens, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and Goethe, and there was still room for several albums of favorite music. By the way, a modern e-book allows not only to read books and comics but also listen to music.

The advantages of e-books over paper ones are evident, although it is sometimes difficult to rebuild our consciousness. Yes, the digital device does not have the very smell of fresh paper, the charm of the paper that is scratched by the hands is lost. But there are much more benefits. The e-book is compact: you can fill in there the whole libraries. Our busy schedule sometimes doesn’t allow us to carry some voluminous editions with us or find time for writing reviews of the books we’ve read – with the small device these problems disappears.

Vacation is a perfect time for reading, and usually, whenever we are going, we want to take with several books at once. However, a thin e-book easily accommodates hundreds of volumes of a school program or a collection of favorite detectives, and maybe novels or verses: the built-in memory is more than enough. Eyes won’t get tired of reading thanks to unique E-Ink technology, which makes electronic pages look like average paper ones.

Electronic books have significantly changed the way students studying. Now it became easier to find textbooks they are looking for online and download them on the device. Moreover, e-books with Internet connection give the possibility to use the experimental browser, where students can even type, “Who can write my essay” and obtain educational assistance. Built-in dictionaries help students apprehend new language faster and better.

Reading an e-book is a pleasant and user-friendly process. There is an opportunity to adjust the type and size of the font, the orientation of the screen (many like to read long lines, which was impossible in ordinary books), indents between lines. Now you do not adapt to the book, but it is adapted to your preferences.

You might already guess that digital book is the best gift, not only for bookworms. If you aren’t informed about your relatives’ or friends’ new year wishes, buying an e-book as a gift will be a brilliant idea. It is an indispensable device, which makes our reading routine more pleasant. Whether on the beach or in your favorite armchair, the thin e-book will pull you in the immense and exciting world of literature.

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