DesignCap, web application to design free flyers

Advertising is one of the fundamental pillars of any business if we do not promote our products or services, it is likely that we do not have the customers we want. However, not everyone can afford to hire an advertising agency or a graphic design professional.

Many times it is not necessary to have a complete advertising agency or a department for it in our company.

Sometimes we just need to promote an event that we are going to carry out, or we probably need urgent last-minute advertising, tasks that can easily be supplemented with a good design tool like Photoshop or Illustrator, but the problem is that not everyone knows how to use them.

Therefore, we set out to find a free image editor, which also has some predesigned templates so that those who don’t know anything about design can do something of good quality without much effort. Also, it is easy to work, very flexible and can be used anytime, anywhere.

So after much searching, we have found one of the best options currently available on the Internet to create all kinds of flyers, flyers, posters, posters and advertising images without having to download or install any program on your computer.

DesignCap is an excellent option when we need to create semi-professional advertising pieces without the help of a complex graphic design program. It is totally free; you can use your Facebook account or your email to register. You do not need to have any knowledge of graphic design.

This super intuitive application, in just a few minutes you can get an excellent quality flyer. It has a large number of pre-designed templates, hundreds of resources such as fonts and figures. You can customize all the content of a template: images, texts, colors and shapes. The only downside is that it works only with Google Chrome, which is a problem for those of us who use other browsers.

How to create flyers online with DesignCap

This tool is very easy to use. The first thing we are going to do is: go to the DesignCap website and register for free. When we are already registered we can create a new flyer, you just have to follow the steps we give you below to get a striking flyer.

Choose a template

DesignCap Choose a template

DesignCap has thousands of poster, flyer, and flyer templates. Choose the one you like best according to what you need. There are several categories: promotion, music, sports, food, people, animals, shopping, etc . No matter what purpose you have for the flyers, in this web application you will find the design you are looking for. Once you find the template you like the most, you just have to select it by clicking on it.

Add items

DesignCap Add itemsOnce we have the template ready it is time to add the important elements of our flyer, such as photos and text. You can use photos from the DesignCap image gallery or you can upload them from your computer. You can also add default shapes or texts of the size, color and font that you want. The tool is so powerful that not only can you edit everything that the default template brings, you can also add elements to your whim and without any limit.

Customize to your liking

DesignCap Customize to your likingDesignCap offers multiple professional editing tools for you to customize your flyer or poster to your liking. You can adjust the size of the elements, rotate, change the position, change the text, the effects (shadows, highlights, etc.) in the texts or shapes, you can modify the background and manage layers to choose which elements are above. Everything is very simple and clear, the tools are not complex at all and if you give free rein to your creativity, the results can be incredible. Take your time to try all the options.

Once you have finished editing your flyer you just have to click on the save button, there you can share it on any of your social networks. You can copy a link to put the image on your website, or you can download the flyer on your computer for you to print.

I hope this web application to create flyers online is helpful for you. Do not forget to share with those who may be interested. See you soon!

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