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Smartphones have brought a revolutionary change and have shaped the world as we see it now. They have taken an irreplace position in our daily lives and most of us can’t even imagine a world without them. They are responsible for the way we communicate, the way we commute, perceive information, eat our food, take precautions and even calculate risks. What can you not do through a smartphone? If you have answers, wait for some time and maybe there will be an app in near future even for that.

With time, technology has been growing at an exponential rate. The changes we see are unprecedented in history. With every new day, a new kind of invention or innovation hits the market with the potential to change the world. And people love to be a part of such a world. If any kind of hindrance befalls and severs this connection, frustration and tension takes over. It’s not just that people are addicted to it but many of them also base their bread and butter on it. So what would you do if your smartphone suddenly started behaving oddly? It is not a rare situation and happens all the time around the world. They are machines ultimately and need care and little tweaks from time to time. So what would you do? Not everyone is a programmer or a techie so how can we all make sure that our devices are performing to the best of their ability?

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Cleaner For Android: Phone Booster & RAM Optimizer

Cleaner For Android by Systweak Software is a one stop solution for all your Android devices. It helps enhance the performance of your favorite phone by boosting its speed and optimizing RAM usage. If you are running out of space due to junk files or the unwanted cache, its one tap booster takes care of it all. Whether it is malware outbreak or battery issues. If you install Cleaner for Android then you don’t need to waste your time in repairing your device. The application comes with a lot of features. Like,

Duplicate File Remover

If your device is running out of space then it can be because of duplicate files, especially photos that you click or the data files that you thought weren’t already on the device and you copied them twice or maybe thrice. This can create a lot of data and that too useless. So you can clean up all these files easily. Duplicate File Removing module can detect files by name, date and meta data, so that no duplicate file remains unearthed.

One Click Optimizer

With one click optimizer you can boost up the speed of your phone and also empty the populated RAM. So that you don’t have to put your whole device on a scan, one tap and in less than a few seconds your device will be fresh as a daisy.

Game Optimizer

Getting a lag while gaming or watching a movie can significantly lower the quality of your experience. So that you don’t have to suffer anymore, Cleaner For Android brings to your Game Optimizer, it can clear out RAM and can also optimize your phone’s resources to provide dedicated power to the matter at hand and not to the apps in background.

Malware Remover

Malwares can suck the life out of your Smartphone. They can drain battery, corrupt your data, files, OS and can even upload your private information like bank account details and credentials. So in order to put a stop to all of this, Cleaner for Android was designed with an inbuilt Anti-Malware which can take care of all these harmful programs which can threaten your and your phone’s security.

File Explorer

Cleaner For Android also offers a file management system for your data. You can efficiently access, manage, share and even remove files from your storage. There are traditional file explorers pre installed in Android but they don’t come with so many amazing features.


Just as bears go into hibernation when there is a scarcity of food to save energy, Hibernation mode sends your inactive application into an inactive state to save and preserve battery power. This feature not only saves power but also increases battery life. It also puts your device into a low energy consumption mode so that other apps too don’t demand unnecessary resources.

WhatsApp Tool

It’s very frustrating when you keep running out of space again and again, and that too just because of a single app. WhatsApp, though has facilitated so much in our communication and sharing of small files but has also grown in size. If you will look up at the size of all the files that are held by WhatsApp, you will be surprised. Cleaner For Android has a WhatsApp module which helps the user clean their unnecessary media files from the app.

So in short, Cleaner For Android is suitable and more than enough to take care of your device’s health and performance. If you have this then you won’t need to install different apps for managing files, battery saving, removing viruses or even for optimizing the speed. As mentioned earlier, it really is the one stop solution to all the problems of the smartphone.

Download this incredible application from here: Cleaner For Android

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