The Unnerving Trend of Rogue Insiders in the Dark Web


Security analysts and researchers who operate undercover in the dark web are finding an alarming number of employees selling stolen company information. In some cases, researchers claim that such employees openly tout their organizations. The growing activity among rogue employees …

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Benefits of Using Laravel for Web Application development


Today, it has been expressed and demonstrated consistently that PHP is perhaps the most impressive and profoundly favored worker side dialects with regards to web application development. Among the diverse PHP frameworks that are accessible on the lookout. Laravel is …

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VR Entertainment Industry

The immersive environment of Virtual Reality has the potential to transform the way we access services around us. This tech trend is delivering engaging user experiences across devices and is being increasingly used in gaming, advertising, entertainment, and training programs. …

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Why obsolete technology costs you billions of dollars?


There are numerous ways businesses can make profits, from increasing their customer database to minimizing their operational costs. But there is another way of doing so. That is by replacing obsolete technology with new devices. Obsolete technology can harm you …

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Is Your Smart Home Technology Putting You At Risk?


Smart home technology is projected to be a major industry in the next few years. The technology is starting to penetrate the mainstream and has become an essential part of day-to-day life. It’s one of the best ways to simplify …

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Best Tablets For Kids 2020


Kids are always hyperactive. They like learning new things every day. You must learn how to turn their active behaviorism into something productive. Children learn things while growing up. As parents, it is your prime duty to inculcate valuable information …

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How LED Walls Saves Money Without Sacrificing Quality

Led Wall

LED walls promise industries success in their sales. They help promote the product, provide customers with self-service options and make the service sector easier for customers to understand. Not only that but also engage customers with an interactive display and …

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How Covid-19 Affected Digital World


The uncertain times of the rising pandemic have put a lot of businesses in a state of halt. Every enterprise is facing a dramatic shift in its sales. Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has brought fear among the consumers because …

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