Buying Guide For Building A Custom Gaming PC

Nowadays games are very common in the market and all types of age groups are into them, whether on a mobile phone or on pc. Nowadays games require very high system requirements from all sides whether you pick a processor, ram graphic card, or another thing you always need the latest and advance PC for it. If we take a look at the latest games running in the market and their system requirements we would see almost the same specification, but in the gaming world, it is better to make a custom build gaming computer because it can be upgraded further as per your requirements. These days gamers are more frequently choosing AMD chipset rather than intel chipset due to price difference and options they get in it. These games also required high-performance graphic cards which will produce high frames per second for a smooth graphic experience. But first while building a custom build system, you must consider several things regarding casing size, processing unit which are mention below in detail.



The first thing you will need to notice that how much you have space for your CPU, and does it will have enough space for ventilation for cooling down your unit? The second thing that nowadays most of the casing has side acrylic side panels for RGB effects to make the unit looks cooler. The casing comes in different sizes and shapes depending upon your requirements and needs with multiple ventilation sides so that it never goes overheated and damage your components.


Gamers love to make their system run fast for this choosing the right processor is very necessary. For this purpose, you have to choose the latest Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 for it which will give you up to 6 cores in i5 and up to 8 core in i7. Few of the core i-series processors can be overclocked due to Intel limitations. AMD Ryzen is Intel’s competitor giving you a wide variety of options with its multi-core and multi-thread processors. For gaming purposes and limited budgets, you can use AMD Ryzen 3, AMD Ryzen 5, and AMD Ryzen 7 series which gives you 4 cores, 6 cores, and 8 cores with up to 2X threads. These AMD are super fast and are very popular to this day due to their economic price point. Mostly AMD processors can be overclocked with AMD Ryzen Master utility for access to internal processing settings. Both companies offer you stock cooling units for processors but if you are thinking to overclock you must need a water-cooling system for it.


The motherboard is the second most important thing while building up a system. Nowadays you can find many options in the motherboard like how much ram it can support and how much bus speed it can handle. Most of the motherboards are also equipped with 5.1 channels and board building wifi chip for internet connectivity. You can also find a building Bluetooth chip for connecting devices and sharing data wirelessly. nowadays the majority of gaming motherboard now supports RGB effects which can relate to system casing and provide effects as you want to do.


Ram is the most important component which helps to store data and access it quickly. Gaming rams are different from other rams as it provides high bus speed which can go up to 5600 MHz. For a gaming system gamer requires at least 3000 MHz ram which supports a system with less lagging on it. Gaming Rams usually comes with RGB effects which can be controlled after installing its software in it.


Typically, nowadays hard disk drives are being replaced by solid surface drives for fast read and write speed. Games required fast read and write speed for this purpose SSD is the best as they can reach up to 550 megabytes per second (MBps) while reading and 520 megabytes per second (MBps) in writing. In contrast, new technology has been introduced in the market known as NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) which surpasses SSD in terms of speed which can go up to a read-write speed of 2000 megabytes per second (MBps). These days 256 GB MVMe are being recommended by gamers for the primary purpose and secondary 1TB of SSD for secondary storage purpose.


Nvidia and AMD are considered as the giant in graphic card manufacturer. Mostly Nvidia is considered as the best gaming graphics card and well as video editing card as it has more Cuda cores as compared to AMD. But AMD Rx series is also popular in the gaming world as it can run almost all games available in the market. In comparison, Nvidia consumes more power than AMD which will require more big power units for your PC. If you have limited money and wanted to buy a graphic card that can fulfill all your requirements, then you must buy an AMD chipset graphic card. and if you are looking for building AMD Processor PC then our recommendation to prefer an AMD chipset graphic.


If you are looking to buy a power supply for your computer then make sure that you must calculate the power consumption of CPU, motherboard, ram, storage graphic card, and other things attached to it. mostly an average gaming pc requires about 650 watts supply unit but do consult with the professional or calculate online to prevent any damage and performance issues due to the power supply unit.


If you are now thinking that you can build your custom computer then you should compare the prices of all items required for it from online shopping platforms. These platforms offer you bundle deals and discounts on various items including bank promotional bank discounts. But first, make your wish list before purchasing any item so that you can build the best gaming pc with a limited budget and also see the system requirement of the game you wanted to play.

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