Are business cards still relevant to your business in today’s world?

Today’s world is a virtual one where we are surrounded by technology that is constantly revolutionizing our daily lives. We are constantly evolving and technology has paved the way for various devices like laptops and smartphones etc. In a world where paper is becoming less important and everything is on our fingertips, are the conventional ways of advertising still relevant? Is tangibility no longer a factor when it comes to business in today’s modern world? Keep reading to answer all these questions that you must have in mind after reading the heading. Furthermore, in this article, we will also add how people react to enterprises that still have a business card and what influence does it have on its users.

What is a business card?

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A business card by definition is a neat piece of paper that has your name/ your business’s name, your address, your occupation, or the product/ service you’re providing and the address. It has been a common way of advertising your business or your own self to secure employment or get more customers. This idea can be traced back to the 15th century and the idea has been prevailing ever since. Printing press Dubai is also an enterprise that has been a user of this form of advertisement. The more important question here is whether it is still useful or not. Before getting into the logistics and the facts we should stop and ask ourselves when was the last time we were given a business card or we asked for one? Hasn’t social media taken over that? Don’t we ask, “Oh what’s your business’s Instagram account or Facebook page?”. Hasn’t LinkedIn and other online platforms to provide job opportunities taken over personal business cards? For most of you, the answer would be the same i.e. social media and technology have taken over business cards. Now let’s get into the logistics.

How social media and technology has changed the advertising industry:

Advertising is how businesses reach a wider audience that in turn helps them grow. Before social media, business cards were handed out to people in order for them to spread the word and so that they would visit the place again. Similarly, people whenever found a job opportunity that best fit their skills, they would hand out their business card to the respective person or business. It can be depicted as an impromptu curriculum vitae. In today’s world, however, when we come across a service that we really like we ask them if they have a website or a social media page. This was a change that businesses thought they had to adapt to in order to be more diverse and reach a wider audience or to be more accessible to the young generation.

Regardless, it heavily depends on the audience that your business is targeting. The young generation is a digitalized one that spends most of their time on their smartphones and laptops, be it for leisure or to do their work. So in order to grasp their attention, one has to switch the virtual world and its ways. This is where internet marketing comes in which is aided by social media. In the same way, if a business is exclusively just targeting the older generation who still feel the need to write things down as it seems more reliable to them then they should opt for business cards because these people prefer tangibility over ease of access. If you are a business that is targeting a wider and more diverse audience then Printing press Dubai can help put your vision to life by providing you with both virtual and tangible business cards.

If you’re still questioning whether you need a business card then you must keep reading to find out the impact of business cards on potential clients.

Are business cards irreplaceable?

Irrespective of all the technological progressions, business cards are still as basic. It appears that no measure of globalization is going to have their spot. Most organization authorities keep a few cards in the pocket and hand out the cards when warmly greeting the expected customer. Cards come helpful to advance business during a meeting or any white-collar event.

Business cards are how business advertisers try to beat the opposition. The cards don’t just hold contact information, for example, email address, telephone number, site address, and others. Keen specialists transform the cards into amazing structures. The structure talks well for a business. Each structure component like shading, color, picture, logo, and so on has its arranged use in the card for the ideal effect.

For potential customers and general people, business cards are a sneak-peek into an organization’s attainable nature of commodities or service. The significance is obvious from some glaring realities. As indicated by an inquiry, a staggering 72 percent of the individuals form a definite opinion about an organization dependent on the nature of its business card. So it’s obvious that the card can represent the deciding moment of your business like whether the person holding your card will be your potential client or not. It is psychologically proven that numerous clients form a negative impact of the business if the card paper doesn’t have an ideal business card size, is excessively inadequate, its logo neglects to intrigue them, and if the color is too bright.

With all that being said it can be declared that business cards still remain unbeatable and have the ability to decide the future of your business. Moreover, it is a fact that people are more driven to an organization that has a business card because it makes them feel a worthy customer as they get a card and also because the business comes off as more legitimate. They make a quick first impression so the quality of the card should not be compromised as it is said that there is nothing in the world that can undo the first impression. They add a personal touch to your business as it is a piece of paper that is solely designated to your business and helps the people see how devoted you are to make your business grow.


With all that being said it can be declared without a doubt that business cards play a vital role in not just advertising but moreover helping people depict your business and see it in a certain light. While technology and social media are taking over our conventional ways, it is still important to stick to basics and use both online advertising and good quality business cards. By doing both of these side by side your business will be able to reach a wider audience but at the same time form quick good first impressions and prove to be more legitimate to potential clients. After reading this if you feel the need to indulge into the world of quaint old fashioned ways of advertising that leave an everlasting impact on people then printing press Dubai is your calling as they will help you build your advertising empire.

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