7 Best SEO Audit Tools for 2022

If you want your website’s SEO to improve and be taken to new heights finally, or are just looking to establish your SEO strategy for the first time, then a good SEO audit tool is indispensable. However, picking one from a sea of options can be overwhelming. To help out with that, check out these seven best SEO audit tools for 2022.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the absolute best SEO audit tools for 2022, especially for beginners still learning how tech works. This nifty little software will help you do everything you need to keep your SEO and website running smoothly. It will help you by crawling for keywords and errors. It will help identify your Google Indexing speed and current status.

Even offer analytics data such as your click-through rate, number of website visits, and similar. To top it all off, it even does a stellar job of checking how mobile-friendly your website is, covering the issue of platform compatibility. Something that makes it even more desirable for small and starting businesses is that it is free! You need absolutely no investments to immediately get your website off the ground and start making your SEO strategy.

SE Ranking

Now, SE Ranking is a slightly more professional SEO audit tool. It will show why your website needs an SEO audit tool to stay ahead of potential problems with its vast array of options and functionality. You will be able to use it to check and monitor your keyword rankings, analyze the quality of the backlinks used on your site, evaluate the health of your website through checking on errors, and even offer helpful advice on how to resolve them.

It will even allow you to check out your competition by analyzing their websites’ traffic, keywords, and other data. Note, however, that this is also the first paid tool on our list. It will cost $39.00 a month for Essential, $89.00 a month for Pro, and $189.00 a month for the Business version.


One of the best SEO audit tools for checking out thoroughly the status of your website’s SEO is OnCrawl. This particular tool goes into crazy detail about it. It can provide you with the evaluation of new SEO policies, offer insight into your internal linking, discover all your near-duplicate keywords and content by checking their similarity ratio. It offers advice on improving SEO, determines your site’s ranking and indexing rates, and even tracks which of your pages have been crawled.

It even conducts JavaScript rendering! With all of that info on hand, you will be able to quickly come up with a long-term SEO strategy and adjust it on the fly. Its Explorer package costs 49€ a month, and the Business version 199€ a month. With a disclaimer that they both offer an annual subscription option that costs fifteen percent less.


SEMrush is a slightly more expensive but fantastic SEO audit tool. It comes in the form of a dashboard that tracks your overall site data and specific pages. The tool comes with the SEO Toolkit, and it has a comprehensive range of functionality. It can analyze your backlinks, identify keywords and their rankings, offer recommendations and tips for increasing website traffic through content optimization. It even tracks your competitors’ paid keywords, ads, and PPC ads to provide you with insight into their SEO strategies. It costs $119.95 a month for Pro, $229.95 a month for Guru, and $449.95 a month for Business.


Numbered among the best SEO audit tools for 2022 is also Ahrefs. This tool offers advanced SEO analysis of your website, and it features a website, keyword, and even link rankings. It tracks the performance of all your website pages, looks for exceptionally high-performing pages, and analyzes their keywords and topics.

It generates monthly search and click-through rates and even crawls your website for technical errors. The tool also offers a seven-day trial, after which it charges you $7, $99 a month for Lite, $179 a month for Standard, and $399 a month for Advanced. It even offers an Agency version for a whopping $999 a month.

Screaming Frog

As a cheaper SEO audit tool, Screaming Frog offers an excellent way to collect data for your small business. It crawls your website and looks over your URLs while looking for SEO issues. It features easy export of data from the tool to Excel and has a Java Program option. It offers an easy-to-use and functional version of the program with convenient tab navigation. It can be picked up for free or bumped up to a more advanced version for 149€ a year.


The final of our best SEO audit tools for 2022 is WooRank. This particular tool offers in-depth site analysis and gives opportunities for improvement and optimization of your SEO. It even provides the same for your social media and other platforms that are part of your SEO efforts. It also offers its reports in a comprehensive and easily understood format, making it ideal for small business marketing strategies.

It analyzes your SEO metrics, compares them to previously set goals, and tests mobile phone compatibility. It has a fourteen days long free trial, after which it costs $79.99 a month for Pro and $199.99 a month for Premium. You can even contact them and discuss their customer Enterprise subscription option. However, the price there will need to be negotiated.

Final Advice

Now that you’ve checked out the seven best SEO audit tools for 2022, you should know which you’d like to get yourself. Still, keep in mind that it’s best to start small and test out the tool before committing to it long-term. Do not pay for more than a month in advance, and it is best not to select the most expensive subscriptions immediately.

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Jordan Melanez is a programmer and SEO specialist who has worked in the field for over seven years. He also occasionally likes to write blog posts about the subject with the aim of helping out others with his knowledge and experience.

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