Best 5 Android Covid-19 Apps You Must Have

Android mobile phones are the most common gadget in today’s world. Life is much faster than ever before. When this pandemic came to our life, Silicon Valley tech giants like Apple, Google stacked up and came to rescue the victims. The main ideology behind is to help the people in need and alert the people more about the safety measures.

There is no doubt that the way of life is affected greatly after this pandemic. Life is more dependent on smartphones and the internet now. Lockdowns and social distancing have restricted many businesses so many of them have revamp their business ideas. The technology which was once assumed to be the source of entertainment is now utilized for making money working from their home.

There are many great minds who developed hundreds of applications for awareness, tracking infected peoples, doctors, hospitals, medicines, oxygen or even ventilators. Let’s move on to the applications listed below.



The scariest thing about coronavirus is that the victim needs to be quarantined for at least 15 days. This makes that person worry, lose hope, become anxious or emotionally weak. The person feels sick and may lack the sense of taste and smell.

This amazing app deals with this side of problems. It is a tracker of your mood, recommend therapists and provide a private journal too. The colors are provided that give soothing effects and help the person to be creative in organizing the tasks or listing the things in the private journal.

Covid Watch

The idea behind this Covid Watch is to prevent people and their communities from the virus and also provide them privacy. The application has the bluetooth functionality and senses the other person’s presence in their vicinity, telling them anonymously to stay safe from the covid positive patient. The amazing factorit has is that it claims to have a secured system, even the government does not have access to the information. This application was developed in collaboration with Stanford University.

Moreover, it is the first application which provides the open-source protocol for privacy-preserving, and bluetooth tracing.

Covid-19 Tracker

The Covid-19 Tracker application is a must have during this pandemic. Let me tell you it’s features. It can check your symptoms, diagnose them and suggest ways to help you deal with them.

If someone is tested positive, this app sends notification to your contacts so others would be cautious to help you while maintaining the social distance. There are three types of signals to identify each category in this app using a map to make everyone informed and up-to date.

GREEN- Tested Negative / Asymptomatic
YELLOW- Symptoms but not tested yet
PINK- Tested positive

Don’t Touch Your Face

The doctors have been told multiple times that you should not touch your faces again and again due to precautionary measures of COVID-19. This app is designed to help you in this matter.

Machine-learning algorithm identifies the when and where the person is touching on his face and alerts him if doing so. First the algorithm learns the touch and then you can leave your app open and it notifies you when you touch your face everytime.


In the dark times of this pandemic, Youper stood as an Emotional Health Assistant. If you have not tried it yet, I recommend it to you for reducing stress, anxiety, relaxes mood swings and also helps sleeping patterns to improve. Youper incorporates many approaches like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and so on to help the understanding of human nature and behaviors. This help provides a digital conversation and monitors your emotions. If you are living alone or stressing over the lockdown times, this app must have to be in your phone.

Wrapping Up

The technical developers are trying to be creative and productive throughout the pandemic. It is in our hands to use the mobile apps and avail their functionalities and get the type of help you want. Moreover, if you have any business idea cooking in your brain about this, it is the high time to invest!

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