Attract top talent with an employment branding strategy

Believe it or not, marketing is the most important thing to consider when we are talking about attracting top talents. Actually, that is the most important part of the entire branding strategy and the entire business world, so why wouldn’t it be a part of the branding strategy?


Before we enter the topic about attracting top talent with branding strategy, we need to ponder what does a good marketing mean. A good marketing means that the message your company wants to send reaches the public in the right way. It is a process by which your ideas or your product should be promoted in the best possible way. It is not just telling people about your products and services. That is the biggest mistake made by organization nowadays; it is telling people about your company and what they must expect from you and your product. The only thing that they want and expect is – great quality product and you have to show them that you can provide them that through marketing. You have to show them that you are the best through marketing and through the product.

How to attract top talents to your company?
The same story is with top talents around you. If you want to lure the top talents to your company, you have to make a good branding strategy. Your accent should be on the good advertisement of the entire company. Top talents are a part of the masses, and their decision to join your company is greatly affected by what people think about it.

Every person who is looking for a job and wants to apply for some position will google your company. That they will do their homework and they will learn a lot about your company. If you want to attract young and brilliant people you have to show that you are thinking about the future and you want to be head to head with newest trends. That means that your website should be updated. Don’t forget about social networks, your company has to have profiles on social networks and those profiles should be updated with real reviews, photos, and good customer service. Nothing says that your company is up to date and successful, like taking care of the details like social network profiles.

There is another way to lure top talent and those are cool things like great furniture or foosball tables, but that is not enough. Don’t get me wrong, having a foosball table in the office can definitely shape their minds and help them reduce stress, but there has to be more for them in the company than a cool game table.

If you want to attract them with something, attract them with your brand. You make the perfect advertisement which will wake up interest in your company and you mustn’t stop now.

If top talents come to your company because you seem cool and your company seems cool, that is great! Being cool makes you and your company one step closer to shaping that new talent in one of the most faithful employees you will have.

When you make a good social impression on them through internet, they will have the urge to apply for a job in your company. The interview is the next part where you can see if that top talent is really here for the brand or something else.

The most important part of the interview is honesty. Explain what you are looking for and what you can give in return. This is the essential part of the interview because you are showing him what you can have and it is his task to honor those expectations if he accepts. Don’t leave anything hanging. Talk about the raise, the work hours, the possibility of giving bonuses and other things you do in your company. When you show that potential worker the inside of the company with people who work there, let him decide if he wants to be a part of the brand. Don’t force anyone because you may gain an employee who doesn’t want to work for you.

When you are attracting the workers to your company, attract them with your brand, your projects and things that your company represents. Cool things like awesome office are (and should remain) a perk one gets when he enters your team. You mustn’t accept anything less than that because that is a statement every good brand has to offer to the world.

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