How Will Android 11 Features Impact Your Mobile Application?

The fame of Android OS by GOOGLE for mobile is no secret. As two mainstream OS in mobile devices: Android and IOS, the majority of people prefer Android because it is easier and convenient to use. And when we look into Android, it has a different version, each succussing version with more advanced features.

Android 11 is Android’s latest and 18th version. If you are familiar with Android 10, you may know all the significant features it provided like gesture navigation, dark theme etc. Android 11 has far more cool features than Android 10, like 5G, an in-built screen recorder, upgraded security etc.




Android 11 supports 5G (fifth generation), which is currently the highest technology standard for telecommunications. It has a frequency spectrum of 450MHz to 6 GHz. It is a good provision for all 5G enabled mobile. It will provide:

  • More incredible speed in the transmissions.
  • Lower latency
  • Virtual networks implementation.
  • A greater number of devices are connected.

These features will improve the user experience.


If you are familiar with IOS and its features, you may know that IOS already have this feature, and Android lovers have been waiting for this for a long time. The wait is over, and Android 11 brings you a feature-filled screen recorder with a highly polished UI.

Restriction of the permission dialog box

Most of the Apps need in-app permissions to work. It can be a bit annoying if some requests pop up repeatedly even after you have already answered them. It is a great relaxation for users to know that Android 11 has solved this. If you have already answered the request more than twice, it will show a “Don’t ask again” option. Problem solved. Voila!!

Improvements in messaging

Android users have been a little disappointed when they heard Google cannot implement the Chat Bubble feature in Android 10. But the wait is over, and Android 11 has this fascinating feature. So, what is a Chat bubble? It is a handy feature for today’s fast and busy generation. Clocks are ticking, and multi-tasking is what we do to complete our daily chores. Chat bubble allows you to convert a chat to chat-bubble through the notification screen itself and do other mobile work like call or watch movies.

Also, with Android 11, we can send images as a reply through the notification bar itself.

Easy adaptation to different display types

Foldable devices are a real evolution in the Android world, and Android 11 supports this innovation. With Android 11, we can efficiently run different screen sizes and resolutions.

Upgrade in privacy and security

Android 11 has come up with features like “One-time permission” or “while in-use permission”. Many apps demand access to your data like galleries, locations etc. With the one-time feature, you can grant permission just one time, and when the app is not in the run, the permission is revoked. Actually, this feature is not new. Android 10 already has this feature, but Android 11 enhance this functionality.

Also, Android 11 has features like security storage, advanced biometrics system, platform hardening etc.

Reduced Data Redundancy

Data redundancy is a saver for devices with less memory space. In previous versions, if two different apps need the same data, they create two separate databases, which consumes more space and may slow down the device. But Android 11 caches large datasets and shares data blobs.

APK installation

Some apps can take lots of time for installation, but we may not have time. Android 11 has the solution for this problem also. It allows large APKs first to download enough data required for launching and then download the rest of the data in the background.

More significant support for neural network applications

Machine learning is evolving and is a valuable technology, and people love it. A variety of applications support machine learning, and Android 11 has Neutral Networks API 1.3 to support these apps. It also has APIs like Quality-of-Service API. With these features, apps that support machine learning can now develop more features, and people can use them.

Image decoding and camera improvements

Android 11 introduces NDK API in mobile devices, allowing image encoding or image decoding with native graphics code. Also, Android 11 has High-Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) image storing facility with a lossy compression technique. It is constructive for displaying both the pictures and animations.


Android 11 has excited both developers and users with all its magnificent new features and functions. Android 11 has invoked a great user experience, and Android lovers love it. Suppose you are already an Android user; you have to be ready for new adaptations. Developers have to use all features Android 11 offers you and should create or update more applications without wasting any more time.

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