The Amalgamation of Technology and Education

The education system is progressing towards a huge transformation. Now, schools are implementing one-to-one initiatives in which every student has been given a laptop for better understanding of the concepts that are being taught in the school. There are many schools who already have a 1:1 program, but they are now looking for new ways to shape up the learning process.

With the advent of modern and impressive technology trends, the traditional classrooms are becoming more advanced and a better learning place for the students. The use of robotics, wearables and makerspaces will help students understand the difficult concepts in an easy way.Certain reports show that students who have been introduced to these technologies are doing extremely well.

Technology-and-EducationCyber is a term that has been used widely in the context for the content. The use of textbooks has significantly reduced because there are many more ways of imparting knowledge to the students. There is a special technology named Boe Bot, which have been used by some schools. It is an expensive technology and everybody can’t afford it. Those who can’t afford Boe Bot can go for makerspaces, which is a high-end craft room that comes with an access to 3D printers. The main purpose of the using such technologies is to make students learn their subjects in a better way.

These technologies are making students self-reliant, as they don’t need any helping hand to learn new concepts. Makerspace is a technology that is giving students a space where they can expand their horizons and explore new things. Intel has also come up with new technologies by the name of Microscopes and Database software.

Improvements have to happen at both ends
In order to bring technology to each and every classroom, changes need to happen at both, front and back end. Technologies should not just confine to the top classrooms and for the students with strong financial background. Improvements have to be done so that everybody can make use of these new technologies. Another crucial aspect in bringing the technology into the grasp of each and every student is the role of IT professionals.

They are the ones who will be responsible for bringing the cutting edge devices on the front-end with a secured fabric. An IT professional will also have to act like a mediator and educator. It is vital to build such infrastructures that can accommodate these new technologies. School authorities should take it as the first priority to build the right infrastructure.

Moving too fast might slow things down
It is vital to go at an optimum speed and keeping all the factors in mind. Planning needs to be done in a comprehensive way in order to get make this venture successful. Schools have to be prepared about using these new technologies, otherwise they will install these high-end devices, but never understand how to use them. Certain standards should be set in order to pave the way for these new technological changes.

Awareness is also a crucial aspect, not just among the students and teachers, but parents as well. If students need to grow in the rightful way, then it has to be from the collaborative efforts of the parents and teachers. Both of them should know about these latest technologies.

Many experts believe that technology is changing at a great speed and if we don’t take a systematic approach, then we may miss out on some of the crucial aspects. By having appropriate strategies, it will be easier for the school authorities to incorporate the best devices in their schools for the education of their students. When education and IT is blended together, it creates a magic and that magic is in the form of sharp-minded and brilliant students.

K-12 school is one such school that is equipped with the latest technology devices to boost the learning power of the students. Students are the future of this planet and when they are taught the important lessons in the best way, then it will help become responsible citizens.So, technology should be used in the right way. There is no better use of technology than investing it in the field of education.

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