7 Best Twitter Widget For WordPress – Plugins and Tools

Being a website owner, you must try and use tools to help bring more traffic to your website. More traffic will gradually increase customer engagement and sales and further allow you to expand your business and improvise the quality of the services you provide.

User-Generated Content helps you improve your business by providing you with a real-time collection of your existing customers’ testimonials and reviews. This way, you can know where your business is going wrong and the areas with scope for improvement.

In the social media scenario, Twitter is one of the highly used platforms. Be it the finale of an episode or any ongoing controversy. Twitter is the one platform where people freely voice out their opinions. They put their point of view across in the form of messages popularly known as Tweets. Another method that is trending and they adopt is Memes. Meme marketing is on fire as of now. People make innovative memes to imitate others or convey messages in a fun and creative manner.

Marketers can make full use of customers’ tweets to drive in more engagement and gradually increase their sales by installing a widget or plugin to present UGC (User Generated Content) in a unified manner.

We have listed below the Top 7 tools and plugins that they can utilize to embed Twitter Widget on WordPress Website.

Twitter Widget

1. Taggbox Widget

Undoubtedly the best social media aggregator tool and UGC platform is Taggbox Widget using which you can easily, without any technical expertise, embed the Twitter feed on WordPress website.

  • Taggbox Widget is extremely user-friendly and does the needful efficiently and effectively.
  • Not only embedding Taggbox by your side, but you can also customize your widget by adjusting the width and height of the widget.
  • You have the option to personalize your feed by making it look more attractive with the help of different layouts, themes, designs, fonts, and colours.
  • Taggbox also provides you with the option of filtering out your reviews by using the moderation panel. You can filter out any obscene content and highlight a review if you wish to do so.
  • Easy, fuss-free, and efficient embedding of your Twitter feed on WordPress Website can be done in a few moments with Taggbox Widget!

2. Twitter Feed

  • Twitter Feed is a new plugin that allows you to incorporate Twitter with your WordPress site to make the most of the microblogging platform in many different ways.
  • This plugin helps you integrate Twitter with your website directly to embed hashtag feeds, tweet girds, profiles, and many more.
  • Twitter Feed comes with a unique page builder widget, which will help embed posts and feed every time you build a new page.

3. Social Timeline

  • Social timeline is another powerful WordPress plugin that helps you create a timeline of content using social media platforms.
  • This tool works with various other social media platforms, including Twitter
  • It also provides you with the option to choose posts from a single platform or generate a feed from various other platforms collectively

4. Saranga Social Stream Twitter WordPress Plugin

  • Social Stream for Website will effectively display content from various social media platforms and put it across in a unified manner in a stylish manner.
  • It also has the feature to add pop-ups to your website, providing you with another way to integrate content from these platforms into your WordPress site.

5. Social Rail

  • Social Rail is another Twitter Widget plugin that is extremely in demand. Once this plugin is installed, you can effectively start displaying feeds and content with a wide range of layouts to choose from.
  • This plugin is quite responsive and looks great while accessing mobile devices, tablets, and all types of devices.

6. FS Poster

  • If you are a business or an extremely busy blogger, then FS Poster would greatly help you. Promoting the content, you publish can be quite a tedious task. FS Poster is a plugin that can be used to automate these tasks.
  • This plugin allows you to schedule the posts that need to be published and even republish posts you have created earlier.

7. AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro

  • You can choose from a multitude of given templates and select the one that suits you the best.
  • You can pull in the latest tweets from a single account or multiple accounts at a time and choose how many tweets you want to display.
  • The layouts consist of a classic Twitter timeline view or many different options to choose from.

Summing It Up

Displaying your Twitter Feed on WordPress site is a spectacular idea. It can extensively help in increasing your brand awareness and your engagement with your audience.

Select the best plugin tool from the above list and watch your sales improve tremendously!

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