6 Reasons Why You Should Use Strikingly to Build Your Website

You need a website. And we know how you can get one without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars. How? Create one yourself. No coding and web designing knowledge? Don’t worry. Strikingly doesn’t require you to have that to build a website.

What is Strikingly?

It is a ridiculously easy-to-use website builder which lets you create a responsive website in a few minutes. It is so much more than just a website builder. Strikingly is a whole marketing suite.

Here is a list of reasons you should use Strikingly to create a gorgeous website.

1. Extremely Easy to Use

With Strikingly, anyone can build a website. Even a 5-year-old you can do it. All you have to do is select a site template from more than 200 options, and edit it according to your preference. Strikingly’s website builder is extremely simple. You can change fonts, colors, background images, and many other things to style your site in just a few clicks.

Moreover, you can add sections and multiple pages to your site with a click or two. What could be easier than that?

2. Awesome Features for Online Stores

In this age where everything is digitalized, launching your business online can help it grow rapidly in your country and other parts of the world too.

You can add an online store to your website using Strikingly, in just three clicks. It allows you to showcase and sell unlimited products, set up multiple shipping options, and charge different amounts for each method.

If you want to edit or create your product data in bulk, Strikingly allows you to import that data to your online store from a CSV file. This will save you a lot of time.

Here’s how easy it is to build an online store using Strikingly:

  1. In the website editor, click the “add section” button.
  2. Go to commerce, then select Simple Store.
  3. Click the “add product” button.
  4. Fill out the required information about your product or service, then save.
  5. Style your store, using images, fonts, colors, etc.

Strikingly allows your online store to accept multiple payment methods such as Google Pay, credit card, and buy now, pay later.

Strikingly allows you to create a discount coupon. This is a great way to convert new customers into frequent buyers. You can also show the reviews of your products in your store, by enabling the product review feature. This will help in building trust and converting visitors into buyers.

If you want to customize the checkout process according to your company’s needs, you can do it using Strikingly’s custom checkout forms.

3. Easily Create a Blog That Stands Out

A blog can help you generate extra income through Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, and offering subscriptions. If you’re a business, having a blog page on your site can help you market your store and create valuable content for your consumers to build a strong customer base.

Like the Simple Store, you can add a blog to your website in just three clicks.

  1. Tap on the “Add new section” button.
  2. Go to blog, then choose a style from the given options.
  3. To create blog posts, click “manage blog posts.”

Can create and manage your blog posts from the window that just opened.

Strikingly puts forward multiple features for blogs such as categorizing your posts, pinning them at the top, enabling commenting to interact with your readers, adding custom code, and scheduling your blog posts.

To send updates to your readers about your latest posts, you can use Strikingly’s blog subscription feature. You have to enable the blog email subscription feature for your readers to subscribe and get the latest updates.

4. Complete Marketing Suite in One Place

To drive high-quality and high-quantity traffic to your site, you can use numerous marketing tools available for Strikingly users.

You can easily send newsletters to the contacts you imported manually and the ones your Strikingly website collected through different forms. Via these emails, you can tell readers about your recent products, discount offers, and other things to make them want to shop from you.

On your Strikingly website, you can connect a custom domain, which is essential in building brand credibility and making your website search-engine friendly. You can either buy a domain from Strikingly or connect one you already purchased. On subscribing to any of the yearly plans, you can get a free domain for one whole year.

Other marketing tools like analytics will help you monitor the activity on your site and make it better according to visitor responses.

5. Free and Cost-effective Pricing Plans

You can create and publish a gorgeous website using Strikingly for free. It gives its free users access to more than 200 customizable templates, an online store, a blog, and many exciting features.

Subscribe to any of Strikingly’s pricing plans and gain benefits from the additional premium features. On a yearly basis, their Limited plan costs $8/month, Pro is $16/month, and VIP is $49 per month.

To save even more money, you can subscribe to even longer plans all the way up to 5 years.

6. Excellent Customer Support

You’re building your website and get stuck in a problem. You can contact Strikingly’s support team through live chat or email without worrying that they might keep you waiting for hours and slow down your site creating process.

Strikingly customer support team responds to their users within 15 minutes via email and instantly through live chat. They even have a robust knowledge base that holds articles about almost everything.


Strikingly is renowned for being one of the most convenient website builders and providing countless features to its customers. From creating and publishing to marketing your website, Strikingly has got everything you will need.

Their 24/7 available customer support team and cost-effective pricing plans show how much Strikingly value their users’ time and money. Don’t believe that there’s no catch? Sign up, and see for yourself.

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